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Rates & Services               email us  info@psychoptions.ie     087 387 6841

Psychology assessments start from 325.00 euros depending on what is needed.

Autism full assessments and reports from 325.00

Sessions of counselling from 65 euros

Home visits available if difficult to attend the offices

email us  info@psychoptions.ie     087 387 6841  ASD Autism Adult Mental Health

Psychoptions is here to assess and treat a range of conditions for Children and Adults including Autism Depression Anxiety and Stress

Rates for Services assessment and treatment payment plans to suit interest free options available

We serve the regions of Munster Leinster and Connacht so give us a call today to talk to a professional who can advise on what you need

Psychoptions is an established company dedicated to getting you the best and most suitable assessment and treatment at a reasonable price and will consider your individual circumstances to develop an interest free payment plan

Use this summer to get your child assessed so they have SNA/Resources/Allowances in place for school in September

Next deadline coming up in September 2017 for SENO and DARE applications

Local professionals near your home town are available to advise you now call to speak to someone or email us     087 387 6841    info@psychoptions.ie  

email us  info@psychoptions.ie     087 387 6841

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