Speech Delay – Get an answer 087 387 6841

Speech Delay – Get an answer 087 387 6841

Does a speech delay mean my child has Autism?           

In a word NO.  Speech delay can sometimes be just that. A delay your child will eventually recover and pick up from.

Children have many reasons for speech delay.  First or only children can speak later than others as they have no siblings around.  Your second child could be speaking much earlier.

Also you must consider that speech is only part of Communication.  Communication means they want to connect with you and share their world and thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes children show what we would call communicative intent without speech which could come later.

When should I be concerned about speech delay?                                parallel play


Speech Delay – Get an answer done quickly be accepted Psychoptions 087 387 6841

You should consider speech delay a concern when it is accompanied by a lack of communicative intent towards you or others.  Consider if they are more or less content to be doing their own thing a bit more than you feel they should.  Or they seem to not notice you or what you want. Or resist being directed to reasonable demands on them.

Or are oppositional and show mostly their own agenda behaviour. Any of those behaviours need looking in to even if just to reassure you.

I don’t want my child labelled without good reason

Investigating your concerns doesn’t always mean your child will be labelled.  It is just good parenting to cover your bases and make sure that you are picking up on and doing all you can to make sure your child develops to the fullness of their potential.  However if it turns out there is a need for treatment or intervention you must put your wants aside and get the help early on or you are doing the child a disservice.

We talk about these concerns every day to parents call us or email we can advise and help you get what you need

Sometimes that is an assessment or sometimes a letter saying we find no reason for assessment which you can give to your child’s school or doctor.

Speech Delay – Get an answer 087 387 6841

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